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How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Newborn Baby

  1. Cotton: Clothes that are made of cottons are very soft and water permeable so it is very gentle towards an infant’s skin.
  2. Fleece: These fabrics are stain proof and are very easy to clean. They are very comfortable and make a great outwear for a newborn infant.
  3. Bamboo: These are natural fabrics becoming increasingly popular with time. Their thermal-regulating property makes them adjust to the body temperature of the baby. These fabrics are also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic making it the safest fabric for your baby.

2. Exclude Tight Elastics!

It is better to avoid the elastic or spandex clothes when shopping for your newborn infants. Babies grow fast and they tend to move a lot when they are sleeping. Tighter elastics restrict their movements and make them feel very uncomfortable. In case you want to buy spandex clothes for your babies, make sure the elastic stretches better so that it gives the baby more room to feel comfortable.

3. Properly Sewn Clothes!

Zippers and other features that are included in a cloth need to be sewn well. Otherwise, it could poke and hurt the baby skin causing discomfort to the skin. Therefore always look for clothes that are well seamed.

4. Don’t Buy Scratchy Clothes!

Try ignoring garments that can become scratchy after a few wash. Woolen clothes with zippers and Velcro gets worn out over time and cause discomfort to the baby. Always remember that the baby’s skin is much more sensitive than us.

Factors to keep in mind

When you are shopping for your newborn child always think of these three factors:

1. Health And Safety

There are a lot of newborn clothes that are made up of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or Perfluorochemicals (PFCs). These chemicals are used for anti-wrinkling and stain resistant purposes. Sometimes harmful dyes such as Benzidine Azo are also used to color the fabrics. All these chemicals exhibit carcinogenic properties and can be harmful to the extra sensitive newborn babies. It is better to read the manufacturing details before buying the clothes of newborn babies.

2. Comfort

A newborn baby’s clothes need to be comfortable to help them sleep well. They need the right fabric that evaporates the body moisture and cools the infant to make them feel comfortable.

3. Purpose

Clothes are bought for different purposes. During winter the infant needs to be covered properly to stay warm while in the summer the baby needs light fabrics to feel comfortable. You also need to take your babies to casual events like birthday parties and weddings for which fashionable clothes are needed.

When you buy clothes for your newborn baby it is important to choose the right fabrics that are sewn well and does not become scratchy. You should shop carefully to buy safe and comfortable clothes for your newborn baby. If you like this blog please share it with others. For newborn baby clothes wholesaler in the Miami region contact us at 305-372-3751 or Fax at 305-372-5745.

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