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The Importance of Buying the Right Baby Shoes

A year ago, my niece Emily learned to walk. This prompted her parents to buy shoes for her. They bought colorful and attractive boots and flip-flops. Those were some of the most beautiful and unique shoes I have ever seen! However, among the shoes they bought, one of the boots was a bit smaller in size while the flip-flops were a size larger than what her feet required.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed Emily was having a poor gait and was limping continuously. I examined her delicate feet to find the heel area to be swollen with blisters. It was hurting her but she could not express it as she was very young to do so. This problem was really affecting her mood and general well-being. I instantly understood that it was because of those uncomfortable and uneven sized shoes she was wearing.

I asked her mom to immediately take her to a doctor and get the swells treated while I bought some new shoes for her that had the right shape and size. Once her swellings got better we let her wear the new shoes. Initially, she was a bit reluctant to wear any shoe. However, once she felt comfortable she could not be happier wearing them.

According to Families online, here are some guidelines you can follow while buying shoes for your babies:

  1. Length and Width: The shoes should be measured for its length and width and you should only listen to the suggestions of trained shoe fitters on which shoes to choose. If the shoes are not fitting appropriately on your toddler’s feet look elsewhere.
  2. The heel should be broad-based: Broad base provides shock absorption to the heel areas thus protecting your baby’s feet.
  3. The shape of the toe: Avoid the shoes that have pointed end at the toe area. Instead, opt for the shoes with a tapered toe-ending. These shoes will help protect their toe areas getting injured or swelled.
  4. Velcro or laced shoes: Always go for shoes with a Velcro fastener or laces to hold the shoe in place. This provides support to their toe areas and protects them from accidents caused by imbalance. This also helps prevent any deformities or injuries from occurring.
  5. Material: Leather shoes are the best for your babies. The materials are versatile, soft and yet very durable. In humid conditions, these shoes keep the moisture out keeping the inside cool and dry.

My niece’s problem made me realize how important it is to buy the right shoes for your toddlers. Their feet are in a developing stage and injuries or inconvenience could largely affect their general well-being. The doctor even warned us that she ran the risk of having an infection if she carried those blisters for a longer period.

Hopefully, this post will help you buy the right shoes for your toddlers. If you like this blog then please share it with your family and friends. If you are looking for a baby shoe wholesaler in the Miami area, please contact us at 305-372-3751 Fax 305-372-5745.

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